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Awakened Connection

This is a space where vulnerability meets courage,

from which aliveness and freedom are born. 

Awakened Connection
Blooming Presence

Embodying your authentic, luminous self in the quest of love and intimacy

DATE:  July 8th, 2023 Saturday

TIME:  2:30pm - 5:30pm

VENUE:  2525 8th street, Berkeley, CA 94710

FEE:  $35 - $45

Few things rival the enchantment of falling in love. Our hearts burst wide open, our eyes shine bright, and we grin from ear to ear, unable to resist its allure. Falling in love is a profound reminder of the boundless beauty and potential of the human heart. 


Some of us may think we need to find the “perfect one” to fall in love or wait until we are worthy enough to open our hearts again. Or perhaps we are in an intimate relationship but somehow feeling dulled or alone. No matter where we are on our journey, there is a way to awaken our innate vibrancy and generative life force that invites and sustains truly fulfilling relationships.

Join us for the adventure. Blooming Presence offers an intentional space for unearthing your embodied sovereignty and authentic love expression from the inside out, connecting you with kindred souls who long for the same. 


Guided dance movement and conscious communication exercises will help you drop into your body and awaken your heart. By directing intention and attention to what’s most alive and organic in bodily movements and verbal expressions, profound connections with yourself and others appear like magic. You may discover new depths of presence, joy, authenticity, and resourcefulness within and around you. 

This workshop is intended to nurture your growth in: 

>  Self-awareness somatically, emotionally, and linguistically

>  Emotional intelligence for embodied receptivity, empathy, and love

>  Instinctive and intuitive attunement for greater understanding and deeper knowing

>  Relational communication skills in listening and speaking that are highly effective & transformative for being seen, heard, and felt.


What this is NOT: a dating or social event 

What this is: An intentional space for deep self-discovery, genuine human connection, and embodied growth in the quest for life-affirming love and intimacy. You might still encounter your new best friend or soul mate, or at least my hope is, to encounter your most authentic, luminous self. 

>  Open to all genders and sexual orientations. 

>  No prior dance experience is needed. Come with curiosity and surprise yourself! 


The Venue 

Studio 12:  2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

Important Notes

  • This is a drug-free, alcohol-free, and scent-free event.

  • Dress comfortably to move your body. 

  • Bring a water bottle. 

  • Please arrive at/before 2:15 pm to check in and settle down. The door will be closed at 2:35 pm to create a safe container for the group. You won't be able to get in after that, and no refund will be issued. 



It is understood that we are all participating at our own risk. Some people will be fully vaccinated, and some will not. You are welcome to wear a mask and regulate your own safety needs. If you feel sick before coming, we ask that you not come for everyone's sake. And please let us know if you become sick after the event so we can do our due diligence.

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