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Awakened Connection

This is a space where vulnerability meets courage,

from which aliveness and freedom are born. 

Awakened Connection

If you really knew me, you would know that I'm someone who doesn't take human connection lightly. It's my devoted mission to support people to claim their birthright to come alive to a most authentic, empowered self. To embody this version of self, I believe it requires a fierce commitment to bringing the self fully into relationships and communities.


I’m passionate about facilitating group work that creates a space for heightened self-awareness, extraordinary human connections, and transformative collective experiences. 


This is a space where vulnerability meets courage, from which aliveness and freedom are born. 


  • We are invited to show up intentionally and tune into each other’s unique mystery and shared humanity. 

  • We are asked to hold each other in dignity and the highest regard. 

  • We learn to allow our hearts to crack open, dive deep into the unknown, sit in the fire together, and embrace the natural rising of grief, laughter, and celebrations. 


Doing so, the most miraculous life force gets activated in the collective field. The magic of greater love and higher intelligence simply gets multiplied. This is what I call WE Magic.


I’ve witnessed many times that when our guts, mind, and heart are aligned, we shape-shift into a remarkable tuning fork. Its powerful tuning can penetrate the walls of a false, distorted self and resonate with the real human and the real spirit behind. In truly seeing and allowing, pieces of our soul essences are called back, back to where they belong. The self becomes more whole, and the collective becomes more whole. The territory of one's self, the communities, and the world gets significantly expanded. 


When we pour our attention into growing rich, meaningful connections and loving communities, a forest of human family will begin to form. We get to strengthen our roots and share our resources. There's nothing more satisfying to human beings when our innate needs for love, belonging, prospering, and contributing are mutually met as a collective. 

Join us in creating magic in life together!

Inquire HERE if you want to bring WE Magic to your group of friends, communities, and workspace.

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