An Invitation

~ work with Qibei ~


Within the ashes of suffering, a Phoenix is reborn.

Our sufferings are the disguised doorways to our Superpowers. 

The foundation of my work is rooted in these, my firm beliefs:

  • We are our own Alchemist. We can awaken and embody a magnificent self we never knew existed.

  • Deep relational human connection is profoundly healing and magically transformative.

Each human is born as a whole being and inherently good. Yet in front of the hardships of life, we are incredibly vulnerable. Many traumatic events from family, society, culture, and religion begin to break down our spirit little by little. Each time we experience violence, loss, separation, or oppression, a piece of our soul flees in order to survive. We do all sorts of things to repair and we might even forget those experiences. However, we just don't feel the same anymore. Instead, a lot of times we feel incomplete, something is gone or missing. Gradually we become more and more fragmented and separated. Even if we manage to appear fabulous or "all together", we know inside we are constricted with constant stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depletion. We keep losing our access to the power within. We finally forget who we really are. 


We are also told that it's our problem that we are not enough - not good enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not strong enough... or we are too much - too loud, too quiet, too stubborn, too wimpy, too slow... The not-enough and too-much list can go on and on, like a mile-long shadow that overcasts our inner landscape. We begin to believe our faulty, inadequate self andevelop behaviors to cope. Soon we get trapped inside the walls that are built with fear, shame, and despair. As if that's not enough, the society produces massive distractions and addictions to keep us numbed up. Yikes!

If you are reading this now, you've come a long way. Whatever has brought you here is the awakening in you that says there's more to life than an accustomed compromising and suffering. You've heard that the pain is actually a call for help from the parts of you that've been separated from your core being. These lost pieces of your soul now are ready to return home with the lost life essence. It's time to reclaim your original, vital self.

A genuine and empowering therapeutic relationship can revive your weary heart and reignite your life force. Together, we will open up the disguised doorways that transform the sufferings into adventurous explorations, pure awareness, embodied insights, and powerful resources. 

I still feel it... the calm after the storm... the wisdom that surfaced from that one session will serve me well for eternity. - Sharon

What to Expect

and what not to ...


With over 10 years of experience in transformational consciousness work, ancient energy healing modalities, deep relational communication, and somatic meditation, I have developed an integrative approach that helps to support the holistic wellbeing of your body-mind-heart-soul-spirit. 


My unique blend of skills and capacity will help you -


  • Crack the mysterious codes of your sufferings and unleash your superpowers

  • Unravel your self-sabotage patterns and liberate your TRUE, EMPOWERED self

  • Reweave a vibrant tapestry of your authentic life expression 

I am warm and nurturing, yet deeply relational and fiercely empowering. And I mean it when I say I bring my whole self into the journeys with you.

I'm absolutely committed to holding a safe, non-judgmental space for you. Within this space, your inherent greatness will be captured and celebrated, and your rawest truth will be heard and understood. This place has plenty of room for every bit of your humanness, soul, and spirit to emerge just the way they are. 


I'll guide you to reboot your human senses,  heart intuitions, and deeper knowings. You'll encounter a world in you that you never knew existed. With open curiosity and loving compassion, I'll join you on the ride of exploring your mysterious inner terrains, to see what hasn't been seen, hear what hasn't bee heard, feel what hasn't been felt, voice what has been silenced, and free what has been caged.


My goal is not to make you feel good, even though you will feel different at the end of the sessions. My goal is to help you tap into the infinite wisdom, love, clarity, and strength at the core of your being while "kicking some ass" that's been blocking your way. Please remember there's no real transformation without touching the edges of discomfort and challenges so come with your rebels, warriors, and gremlins. All are welcomed!     

Whether we'll work together or not, I want you to know -

Daring the life your heart and soul long to live is anything but selfish. The most alive and empowered version of YOU is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world. It is a radical act of service to humanity. 

It takes a ton of courage to reach out for support. Please know I feel immensely honored to be your ally, and I look forward to our adventures together.

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What Clients Say

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

- Mahtma Gandhi


Qibei has an astounding level of listening. She has inspired me to take my listening skills and being-ness skills to levels that I didn't know existed, leaving me touched, gratified and inspired.  - M.R.

It's Qibei who helped me to see the unseen and release the blocks in me. Now I can finally claim my own power to create the kind of life I want.  - Alan H.

Qibei has touched my life in many amazing ways. She’s been present with me, non-judgmental, and real, at times when I was suffering so badly with tough topics to speak about. She’s a skilled healer and versatile in her approach. She’s kind hearted with tons of resources for her clients. After sessions with Qibei, I felt more connected with my authentic, wise, and healed self. - L.S.

After working with Qibei for only several times, the issues that had been affecting me so much for so long have gradually faded away. Qibei has very keen listening skills that made me realize the underlying causes of those issues. She also mastered a wide range of modalities that helped me heal and grow. - J.Y.



My Services

I offer my work through the following formats. I also offer a sliding scale and creative ways for those who severely lack financial resources. Please remember, my genuine desire and willingness to support you and your transformative journeys don't come with a price tag. At the same time, your genuine desire and willingness to do this work is the invaluable first step.


  • Individuals: $200 per 90 minutes session

  • Couples: $245 per 120 minutes session

B.  COMMITTED PACKAGES for Individuals & Couples:  

Haven't you noticed? When finally we put our foot down to bring attention to what really matters to us, the world gets busier and messier that we get distracted easily and drop out quickly. Making a commitment to a consistent working rhythm helps you stay focused and stay on track. After all, it's a commitment to yourself that no one else can do for you. These packages are designed to deliver the most comprehensive support for your transformative journeys. 

Original $2,000

Committed $1,749

10 Sessions
10 Sessions

Original $2,450

Committed $2,199




We human beings thrive on rich, deep, and meaningful connections - the kind that's authentic, nourishing, energizing, and inspiring. It's simply not possible to enjoy life without having warm, loving, and sustainable relationships with our families. Even though family dynamics and history are super complex, they are full of potentials that can be unlocked to create satisfying intimacy, beautiful harmony, and powerful collaboration. When we bring everyone onboard to explore together, we make the journey many times more impactful and rewarding!

Each package will be uniquely designed based on the dynamic and specific needs of your family. Please inquire with me for the infinite possibilities.





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