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Embrace your birthday to be alive and connected through Conscious dance movement and Conscious relating


What brings us home to the temple of the body where our soul’s prayer can be heard?

How can we soften the kernel of our hearts to allow the stream of love to flow?

Is there a place in the universe that reflects the beauty in each one of us?

Imagine a world of authenticity and compassion.

where we can embrace our birthright to be more alive, connected, and resourced.

Join us at EMBRACE.

Whether you want to shake off something old, sprout something new,

or simply pause and reset, here’s a space to support what needs to move or just be.

Through facilitated conscious movement and conscious relating, we’ll journey together to

return to our vital, sovereign self, and nurture genuine human connection.

Dance. Be danced.

Speak. Be heard.

Feel. Be felt.

Be yourself.

Be alive.

*The registration for the next EMBRACE in 2024 will open soon.

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