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A Dance Ritual @ New Year's Eve: Tend to the great crossing with Conscious Dance Movement and Conscious Relating


🌟 At this turning toward a new year, let’s gather.

In movement and stillness,

there is a space for deliberate slowing down,

generous reflection, and deep honoring,

as we are called to shed the old and open ourselves to what is to come.

How might you wish to honor the journey that brought you here?

How might you listen to your deepest longings?

As a collective body awakened by

Conscious Dance Movement and Conscious Relating,

we will behold ourselves and one another

as we tend to the ground of our own becoming.

When: Dec 31st, 2023, Sunday, 1:30pm - 6pm

Where: 2525 8th st, Berkeley, CA 94710

👣 Registration is required. CLICK HERE.

Early Bird price ends on 12/26/2023.

💚 All bodies are welcome.

💚 There’s no need to have prior dance experience.

Important to note:

  • This event is drug and substance-free, and scent-free event, including perfume, essential oil, strong deoderant.

  • It's essential that you can arrive 10-15 minutes early so you get time to check in and settle down before we start.

  • Dress comfortable to move and in layers.

  • Bring a water bottle, a journal & pen, and/or art supplies if you prefer.

About your facilitators:

Qibei Shen Steiner is an integral healer and a somatic therapist, a certified Circling® facilitator, and a 5Rhythms® teacher in training. She is devoted to integrating widsom from a wide range of awareness practices and therapeutic disciplines to facilitate natural and nurturing space for deep self exploration and profound human connection. Visit for more info.

Katrin Snow is a ceritfied Soul Motion teacher, public speaking coach and book editor. She’s a lifelong dancer and mover who’s devoted to guiding people toward an intimate reciprocity with Earth. If she’s not on a dance floor, you might find her camping in the Mojave Desert or hiking in the Eastern Sierra. Or maybe simply reading in a hammock. You can contact her at

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