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Retrieving gifts from Past Life

Updated: May 24, 2020

When it comes to Past Life, it is really not about believing, it’s all about the experiences that we allow ourselves to engage through our senses and mind. The essence of a past life experience is the valuable learning or gifts “behind the scene” that serves one’s development in the present life.

Based on my experience, I see Past Life Regression therapy as a therapeutic approach to discover and heal the original wounding of a client’s problem in present life. Lot of times, the traumatic or tragic events from a past life can cause emotional pain and sufferings that may linger through to the present life. And most likely, emotions felt or decisions made at the moment of death of a past life would contribute karmic issues in present life. The real work here is to safely travel back in time and space to “untie the knot” that was created from a past life and reveal the lessons for one’s present life.

What are the benefits by accessing past lives?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with many clients who have received transformational benefits from exploring past life experiences. Most of these past lives were spontaneously unfolded during the sessions while exploring the source of presenting issues. For example, a past life regression that revealed a sudden death from traveling had brought a profound relief to a client’s mysterious anxiety whenever she needed to leave home for some time. By safely re-accessing the death of that life, the client had the opportunity to understand the cause of her mysterious anxiety was the fear based on that sudden death from that past life. As a result, she was able to let go the “pull” from a past life trauma and started living her present life with more ease and freedom.

Not only we can receive healing and lessons from past lives, we can also retrieve and manifest forgotten gifts and talents that had been once acquired in past lives. For example, my client Jasmine wanted to know if she has more potential to develop her psychic abilities. With a strong intention in mind, she traveled back into a past life where she was a well-known astrologist and healer in ancient Egypt. I then regressed her to the peak time of that life when her psychic abilities was mature and asked her to fully experience being a gifted healer in that state. At the end of the session, Jasmine grinned and said: “Now I know I can do it again in this life.”

By connecting the dots between symptoms (pains, behaviors, patterns, etc.) from the present lifetime and the relevant dynamics from the past lifetime, this process helps us to understand our inner myth and the emotional, attitudinal matrix that unconsciously influences our physical and motivational system. It also help us to understand more profoundly the mind-body-spirit connection and how we as evolving souls, are responsible for creating our own spiritual growth. This way, we can live a more integrated life, to live in the here and now, to realize we are connected to the universe, and to participate in the creative process that gives meaning to each moment of awareness.

What issues might have rooted in past life dynamics?

  1. Relationship issues, either looking at particular relationships or looking at general patterns in relationships

  2. Health issues

  3. Medical conditions that cannot be diagnosed

  4. Grief, loss death and dying

  5. Life purpose

  6. Skill enhancement

  7. Issues of Spirituality

  8. Fears and phobias

  9. Obsessions

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