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Why Not Live Now?

Updated: May 24, 2020

I believe to be alive is to be in a fluid practice of meeting life AS IS in each moment.

There's no one moment that indicated the end of the world, even when I stubbornly believed so. Each moment simply reveals an invitation to meet life where it lives.

To catch the invitation, it takes my slower breath, deeper listening, unrehearsed self reflection, and my voluntary courage to step out of that not-so-comfortable comfort zone, while passing the red warning sign that screams - Danger! Watch out! You'll get shaky and wobbly, even possibly get burned and scarred. 

This means I need to be willing to say YES to staying in honest, engaging relationships with all that is - this messy, imperfect self, all my human and non-human relations, the mysteries and the unknown, and everything else that's in between, below and beyond.

This means I need to commit to utilizing all of my faculties - the body, the mind, the heart, the soul, and the spirit to feel deeply, move freely, voice passionately, and create wildly. 

Oh, be careful, life says, with a twinkle in her eye. This is not about being perfectly this or that, looking confident or beautiful, getting somewhere overnight, or achieving the alluring enlightenment. This is not "just let life take me and life will get better itself". 

This is a practice, the kind that is forever in-motion, unpredictable and untamable.

I might leap forward, roll backward, get distracted, get lost, soar all the way up, fall all the way back down, lay still, and stand back up again. I might cry, laugh, hum, scream, and dream. 

I might also kick some asses and howl some lone wolf howls. I might tear open the edges of my little cocoons and dive deep into the terror of fluttering my new fragile wings. 

Yes, I will certainly dance my own dance, sing my own song, plant my own garden, and hold hands with those who are adventuring the same. 

When I practice living this way, the river of my life tastes richer, smells fresher, and flows fuller. It pulsates with more colors and lights, more rhythms and movements, more pathways and dimensions. 

While the universe in me is opening up wider and expanding further, I am walking closer to myself.

If I've born to be me, why not live now?

If not now, then when?

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