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Who are your Uninvited Guests?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Often I work with clients who would have complains like “I feel I’m blocked”, or “Something is taking over” or “I don’t feel like myself anymore.” When I hear such comments, one of things I would check is whether the client has been possessed or attached by an entity or spirit.

Who are these possessing spirits?

The most common type of entities are the human spirits who did not make their transition to the Light (heaven), after the death of the physical bodies and have remained on the earth dimension. Some common reasons that keep them earthbound are: they are confused and lost in their physical or emotional pains; they were addicted to substance or obsessively attached to a person / place / an object; or they have unfinished business with themselves or others. So instead of getting transited to the Light, they get stuck here with humans. Some of them just float around, and rest of them might get attached to one or multiple people due to various reasons. Lot of times, the entity that is attached to a human host would be a diseased family member, a miscarried or aborted fetus, a friend, an acquaintance, an imaginary playmate, a stranger, a past life connection, or even a demonic being.

What happens to the hosts?

When those entities attach to other human beings, they can exert different degrees of influences on the hosts - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The entities use and drain their hosts’ energy, causing chronic fatigue, difficulty in sleeping, and poor concentration and memory. Most likely, the feelings (fear, phobia, anger, sadness, confusion, etc.), thoughts, emotions, and memories of the spirit are overlapped to the host and the host begins to experience them in forms of physical pain, depression, racing thoughts, anger outbursts, fatigue. This overlapping can be terribly confusing and damaging to the host while the possessing spirits are quite miserable too because they are still feeling those painful experiences, in what they think are their own bodies, as if they are frozen in time. When the attached spirits get released from the host, all the symptoms associated with that spirit will be taken away and the host will feel enormously relieved. A client who came in with enormous anxiety and racing thoughts just couldn’t stop sobbing and talking about her life traumas as if she was in a horrifying trance state. After releasing an entity who had died of drowning, all of sudden most of her anxiety and fear just disappeared and she became quiet and calm like another person. At the end, she looked at me and said “I feel like I just woke up from a bad dream.”

What would open a human for Spirit Attachment?

Believe it or not, every human being has a “shield” around the physical body that protects one’s own energy field, which is also called “aura”. Some people have stronger shield that is like a hard armor, while others have softer and fuzzy shield that makes it easier for the outside spirits to enter their bodies.

In general, the following conditions can open up one’s shield and allow the entities to enter.

  • Physical conditions, such as sickness, anesthesia, surgery, accidents, etc.

  • Emotional conditions, such as anger, fear, hatred, depression, compassion, grief, etc.

  • Drug and alcohol use

  • Extreme stimulating environment

  • Video games

  • Occupations

  • People with softer and fuzzy boundaries of their energy field

  • Missing soul parts

  • Voluntary possession or invitational possession either consciously or unconsciously, such as someone who intentionally asks the diseased loved one to stay

Working with Spirit Attachment

Historically the notion of spirit attachment is common in many cultures and nations around the world, especially those with indigenous and shamanic roots. For examples, Jesus (Mark 1:39) preaches and cast out spirits, and Catholics practice exorcisms, which may sound harsh and forceful. However, from what I’ve learned and practiced, working with the attached spirits can be a very loving and caring process instead.

I always start the process by calling in Higher Self and Helping Spirits to be present for protection, support and guidance. When the client feels safe and supported enough to proceed, I then guide the client to explore the entity through either a body scan or direct induction. It’s not surprising when the exposed entities act out with strong resistance, anger, and despair. However, with a strong intention of doing this work for the healing of all including these entities, I would acknowledge the entity very clearly that my only purpose of working with them is to attend their needs, and to support their healing and transformation. In the same way working with a regular client or even a small child who is either lost and confused, or who is throwing a tantrum because of fear and anger, I do the necessary amount of work to help the entity move forward to the light for healing and love as they take away all their problems and energetic baggages with them. All the entities that had been released to the Light all made a comment to me before they went, which is “Thank you for helping me.”

Isn’t this the clear evidence of what people say - “Love heals all.”?

Spirit Attachment Self-Check Guideline

  • An overall score of 10 or more suggests attachment.

  • A score of 2 on items 2, 3, 4 or 11 strongly suggest attachment.

Scoring: 0 = no problem, or not noticed; 1 = sometimes, or not a big problem; 2 = always now, most of the time, or yes

  1. _______ Lack of energy; persistent lowered energy

  2. _______ Changes in personality; rapid mood swings; acting out of character

  3. _______ Hearing voices in the head, occasionally someone else recognized

  4. _______ Substance abuse and alcohol

  5. _______ Impulsive; do things without thinking

  6. _______ Memory problems

  7. _______ Concentration deteriorates; hard to stay mentally focused; feeling like in a fog

  8. _______ Sudden onset of anxiety or depression, for no discernible reason; comes out of the blue or in the background most of the time

  9. _______ Onset of physical problems with no obvious cause

  10. _______ Hospitalizations; hard time recuperating

  11. _______ Emotional or physical reactions to the questions in this list

Recommended reading:

  • The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore

  • Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits from Your Energy Body by William Baldwin

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